Thank you for your interest in camping and visiting us. In order to continue to provide a safe, quiet, peaceful, relaxing Christian family atmosphere for you to enjoy, it is necessary for all to adhere to the following rules. PLEASE READ BEFORE SETTING UP CAMP. If you feel you or your family cannot abide by these rules, please advise the office for a refund and we will help you find other accommodations.

  • GUESTS OR VISITORS to our campers must register at the office and pay a fee. It is the camper's responsibility to see that their guests abide by the camp rules and that the guest's vehicle has a valid car pass displayed in the car window.

  • QUIET HOURS are 10pm to 7 am. Please be courteous to your neighbors, remember if your voices, radio, TV or other activity can be heard beyond your campsite boundary, then it may be too loud or discourteous to your neighbors

  • PRIVACY is desired by everyone. Please respect the privacy of others by following all streets, trails and walkways instead of walking thru occupied campsites. Thanks.

  • SWIMMING is permitted during daylight hours at your own risk. No diving, rough housing, king of the dock, stone throwing, rowdy behavior, etc, permitted, Children are to be accompanied by a parent or guardian while lake swimming or at the river. The use of modest bathing attire and apparel appropriate for a Christian family camping resort is requested. Boats and canoes are limited to the river or lake boating area.

  • ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, illegal drugs, profanity, fireworks, firearms, mini-bikes, ATVs are NOT PERMITTED.

  • PETS are welcome but must be leashed at all times. They are not permitted in the lake, beach area, nature trails, sports field or playground. Pets must not create a noise or public health nuisance. Do not leave pets unattended at the site. Please dispose of all pet droppings properly. Pets may swim at the river.

  • TABLES are limited to 1 per site.

  • BICYCLES are permitted but please for safety reasons ride during daylight hours only.

  • FIRES are to be contained in fire rings with flames not to be any higher than knee height.

  • TRASH is to be placed in one of the dumpsters. Please seal or tie the bags to prevent odors. Recyclables such as glass, aluminum and plastics are to be placed in the blue containers located next to the dumpsters.

  • CHECK-IN TIME is 5:00pm CHECK-OUT TIME is 4:00pm. Early arrival/late departure fees may be charged.

  • SIGNS, banners, placards, pictures, tee-shirts, etc. depicting or promoting alcoholic beverages / logos, immorality or other non-Christian standards or lifestyles cannot be allowed.

  • TREES protect our environment. Please no cutting, driving nails into or in any other way damaging of trees permitted.

  • CHAPEL SERVICE is held in the Ceremonial Longhouse Sunday mornings from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Please join us in praise, worship and song. A listing of local churches is available at the office.

  • INDIAN BRANCH PARK is privately owned. The management reserves the right to change the rules and to evict for any violation of the rules and polices in effect. Anyone using these facilities does so at his own risk as we do not assume responsibility for the safety of anyone or for loss or damage or personal property by fire. theft, accident or any other cause.

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